Temporary Employment

Please note that due to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) all Temporary Employment requests must be approved by University Human Resources prior to being submitted to NextSource. All requests should be sent to?[email protected].

Brown University offers two alternatives for the temporary employment of workers:

  1. nextSource
  2. Seasonal/Intermittent

What's the difference?

? Seasonal / Intermittent Workers nextSource Workers
Is the person on the Brown payroll? Yes No
Are there advertising costs? Yes No
Are I-9 and background checks required? Yes Yes
Is the position paid hourly? Yes Yes
Will the department pay for recruitment? Yes No
Is the department charged an additional fee? No Yes
How are wages funded? Salary budget Operating budget
Will the worker have a Brown email address? Yes Yes
Are departments charged the minimum fringe benefit rate? Yes No
Are temporary workers eligible for annual rate increases under Brown’s performance and merit programs for staff? No No

When to hire

Hire someone from nextSource when... Hire Seasonal/Intermittent Worker when...
There is a short-term or project-based need occuring once. There is a need for the position on a consistent basis.
The position will not be included in your department's staffing plan. The position will be added to your department's staffing plan.
Start and end times will vary. The position typically starts and ends at approximately the same times each year.
The position's responsibilities are unique. The position is similar in nature to other positions in your department and/or is part of the core work.

Hiring Process

Click here to fill a position using nextSource.

Click here to fill a seasonal/intermittent position.

Important Reminder: Departmental funds must be available to hire temporary staff.