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Engineering Administrative Team
Sorensen Family Dean of Engineering; Rush C. Hawkins University Professor of Engineering
Larry Larson
[email protected] 
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Rod Beresford
[email protected]
Associate Dean for Programs and Planning
Jennifer Casasanto
[email protected] 
Director, Finance and Operations
Nancy Carroll
[email protected] 
Manager, Academic Programs and Student Affairs
Carolyn Harris
[email protected]
Manager, Communications and External Relations
Gordon Morton
[email protected] 
Manager, Human Resources and Faculty Administration
Peter Murphy
[email protected]  
Director, IT
David Mycue
[email protected]
Executive Assistant to the Deans
Allison Walsh
[email protected]
Manager, Facilities and Operations
Paul Waltz
[email protected]
Manager, Administrative Support
Chantée Weah
[email protected]

Manager, Research Administration
Lisa Emgushov
[email protected]